Bolormaa Volodya, the Partner and Advocate of GRATA International Mongolia LLP, has participated as a judge in the "2023 Academic Conference for International Law Students in honor of Plenipotentiary and Juris Doctor Khashbat Ludevdorj" that was organized by the Law School of the National University of Mongolia on April 29, 2023.

The Academic Conference is held annually in the international law field, and this year it was organized in English for the first time. Research papers including "The Interpretation of Article 98(2) of the Rome Statute and its Impact on the International Criminal Court"; "Challenges with Invoking the Right to Self-Defense in international law/On the example of Russian-Ukrainian conflict/"; "The Problematic Issue of Stabilization of the Investment Law"; "The Use of Nuclear Weapons in International Law and Mongolia's status as a nuclear-weapons-free State"; and "The Role of National Courts in Applying Ordre Public and Mandatory Rules in International Arbitration" have been selected as the best.