The Peruvian PTO (Indecopi) has launched its fifth campaign regarding Legal Software ("Campaña de Software Legal") in order to promote the use of software programs that have the pertinent license. These campaigns are aimed at companies that declare the software they use on their computers. If necessary, the businesses may be subject to routine inspections if authorities do not receive a satisfactory answer.

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In addition to all the work Indecopi has done in this area, it is necessary to also highlight the effort of the judicial branch, which has issued sanctions against those who were found selling software without the proper licenses.

According to statistics presented by the Commission to Combat Piracy and Customs Crimes of the Ministry of Production ("Comisión de Lucha contra los Delitos Aduaneros y la Piratería del Ministerio de la Producción"), in 2014 there were about 6,700 criminal prosecutions for offenses against intellectual property rights and more than 4,000 prosecutions for customs offenses in Peru.

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Previously published the 2nd February 2016

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