Due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, on March 17, exceptional measures were adopted regarding the regulation of the deadlines for the preparation, legalization and approval of the annual accounts, which decreed that the deadlines would start from the end of the state of emergency.

Royal Decree-Law 19/2020, of May 26, published in the Official State Gazette dated May 27, modifies the previous wording of the regulation. This law decreed that the period of three months to prepare the annual accounts and other legally binding documents will start from June 1 and not from the end of the state of emergency. Additionally, the deadline for approval of the annual accounts is shortened from three to two months from the end of deadline for the preparation of annual accounts.

Therefore, the maximum deadlines this year are as follows:

1) Preparation of the annual accounts: August 31.

2) Legalization of the accounting books: September 30.

3) Approval of the annual accounts: October 31.

4) Deposit of the annual accounts in the Commercial Registry: November 30.

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