We are pleased to announce some vacancies under the Nigeria Power Sector Program, a power sector transformation programme led by Deloitte. The Nigeria Power Sector Program was established by a development agency to support reform within Nigeria's power sector.

Key objectives of the reform programme include addressing gas to power challenges, competitive procurement of clean and conventional energy, utility distribution sector reform, and off-grid electricity access. Ideally, the project will enable 10,000 MW of new-rehabilitated electricity generation capacity, and 3 million new electricity connections, enabling reliable and affordable electricity access to millions of people for the first time.

The following roles are currently available under the programme:

  • Environmental and Social Consultant
  • Off-Grid Local Capital Consultant
  • Off-Grid Supply Chains Consultant
  • Off-Grid Mobile Finance Consultant
  • Off-Grid Quality Standards Consultant
  • Grants Consultant
  • Transmission Transaction Advisor
  • Data Aggregation and System Planning Advisor