1. Employees of Employers that are compliant with their contribution obligations under the Employer Compensation Act (ECA) are entitled to be compensated by the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) in the event of: injury, accidents, mental stress, terminal illnesses or death (altogether "Compensable Event").

2. The Compensable Event must have occurred in or arisen from the Employee's work for the Employer.

3. An An Employee should within 7 days of a Compensable Event (other than death) make a report to the Employer using the ECS.MR01 (Medical Report for Accident/Occupational Disease) form (Medical Report Form). The Medical Report Form must be certified by the Medical Practitioner who examined the Employee.

4. The Employer should, within:

4.1. 7 days of receiving the Medical Report Form, submit a copy of it to the National Council for Safety Health Department in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment; and

4.2. 21 days of receiving the Medical Report Form, submit the following with the Claims Department of the Regional NSITF office to wit, a:

4.2.1 copy of the Medical Report Form;

4.2.2. duly filled ECS.CCF01 (Notification of Accident/Occupational Disease/Death) form (Notification Report Form) . The Notification Report Form must be duly signed by the Employer or its authorized personnel;

4.2.3. duly filled ECS.CCF02 (Claim for Compensation) form (Compensation Form) . The Compensation Form must be duly signed by the Employer and the Employee (or the Employee's Dependent in the case for death);

4.2.4. duly filled ECS.CCF03 (Affidavit by Employee Confirming Accident/Occupation Disease) form (Employee Affidavit) . The Employee Affidavit must be duly sworn to by the Employee before a Commissioner of Oath.

5. Claims are assessed and paid by NSITF based on factors which include, but not limited to:

5.1. The nature of the injury and the proportion that can attributed to the Employee's work and environment.

5.2. In the case of death, the financial status of the deceased Employee and that of his Dependents, including their number and age.

6. In all cases except death, the Employer is compensated for all medical costs incurred and productivity lost.

7. In the case of death, compensation is paid to the deceased Employee's Dependents.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.