Are there any investment Incentives in Nigeria? Nigeria, an entrepreneurial population with innovative, creative, and highly resilient has conveniently been established as a frontier market for bullish investors and its GDP flow has convincingly made her Africa's largest economy.

To continue to attain the spot of Africa's Largest economy as a large and competitive market with huge and unmet demand and flexible workforce, the government has considered vital deliberations and various investment incentives in Nigeria to ensure a welcoming investment haven that is;

  • Advocacy of investment in sectors that have vast effects on economic growth.
  • Encouragement of manpower development and employment generation in all sectors.
  • Readily available support for baby crawlers' businesses in all sectors.
  • Aversely promoting exports that will permanently have a positive impact on foreign exchange earnings.

In adopting the key deliberations, The Nigeria Government has fervently ensured efforts are maintained in areas that concern foreign investors especially taxation policies, business incorporation, visa policies and red tape discussions as these are enablers to fostering an open competitive economy and the right doses of prosperity.

The Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission was established as an agency charged with the jurisdictions to encourage all efforts set up are consistently promoting investments in the economy and related matters and that includes incentivizing packages in vital areas of investment activities.

These packages have stimulated an environment with tax holidays for pioneer businesses in the manufacturing and exportable goods and non-tax incentives to non-pioneer companies.

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