The Canterbury Skills Shortage List (CSSL) was disestablished by Immigration New Zealand (INZ), on 17 December 2018.

A new Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List (CISSL) has replaced the former CSSL, and came into effect, on 17 December 2018. This new CISSL applies, New Zealand-wide.


Individuals working in occupations included on an INZ skill shortage list enjoy streamlined temporary entry work visa processing. This is because they have the skills required to fill an identified shortage in New Zealand.

The CISSL combines the occupations previously listed on the CSSL with all construction related occupations on the Immediate Skill Shortage List. This list is intended to apply, throughout New Zealand.

If an occupation is included on the CISSL, and the qualification/experience requirements have been met, an Immigration officer can accept that no suitably qualified New Zealanders are available or readily trainable, without the need to advertise the position. This will significantly reduce the time required to on-board a migrant worker.

Who will be impacted

  • Individuals who are looking to file an essential skills application to work in construction or infrastructure industries, to work anywhere in New Zealand.
  • Employers looking to supplement their construction or infrastructure companies with migrant workers.

Link to CISSL

  • The full CISSL can be accessed here.

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