The second phase of the Christchurch District Plan Review has been notified – which means now is the time to have your say on these proposals. Submissions are open now, and close on 15 June. It's really important to get a submission in if you are going to be affected by these changes, as this is the only way to protect your right to be heard.

We consider that there are several issues in this proposal that will have a substantial effect on how private property owners can use their land. For example:

  • The 'character areas' this plan creates. These will replace the current special amenity areas, as well as including areas in St Albans, Riccarton and Ilam, Richmond, Avonside and St Martins as well as areas already covered by special amenity areas. These character areas will be subject to rules limiting how a property can be renovated, extended or rebuilt.
  • This Plan proposes to create a 'Rural Urban Fringe Zone' which will prohibit residential development on a site smaller than 1 ha. If you own property located within this area and hope to develop, you must submit on this proposal!
  • Like the current Plan, certain areas have been zoned for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. However, the proposal makes changes to the zonings of some areas. The proposed objectives and policies will make development in areas not zoned for that activity much more difficult.

The second phase includes rules, objectives and policies on the following issues:

  • Specific residential areas (including Banks Peninsula);
  • Open space (such as parks and reserves);
  • Rural areas (including Banks Peninsula);
  • Quarrying;
  • Hazardous substances and contaminated land; and
  • The remaining parts of the industrial and commercial chapters, including New Brighton.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.