It's no surprise that technology and particularly, Artificial Intelligence, is often cited as one of the biggest threats to the existence of mid-size accounting and law firms. We are constantly blasted with news headlines claiming certain professions are going to become defunct, intertwined with stories highlighting the latest technological achievements such as computers performing cognitive functions like natural language understanding and processing, text analysis and object recognition in images.

This article, written by Alliott Group Polish accounting and law firm member ALTO, provides an alternative perspective on AI's role in the mid-size firm. Authors Maciej Kokot and Wojciech Kokot propose we question the preconceptions and fears we have surrounding AI, and instead invite accountants and lawyers to familiarise themselves with its capabilities. From automating rudimentary accounting services to streamlining first-line support using chatbots, this article outlines why we have every reason to feel positively about the rise of AI.

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