Jorge Amigo

On April 7th, 2011 several media released the news that Jorge Amigo, General Director of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) was leaving his position.

Time before this event, multiple expectations had been already generated regarding the future of the Institute. Jorge Amigo's departure from the IMPI was a long spread rumor.

Bruno Ferrari, Economy Secretary, made the announcement of Amigo's departure after 18 years of leading the IMPI that April 7th, 2011 on behalf of Felipe Calderón, president of Mexico.

In his speech, Ferrari highlighted many of Jorge Amigo's achievements throughout his career at the IMPI. He mentioned, among others, that Amigo made the IMPI one of the best IP Offices in the world, regarding patent, industrial design, utility models and trademark granting as well as regarding the enforcement actions for these IP rights. As well, he mentioned the multiple national and international recognitions the IMPI had received as well as the multiple international collaboration agreements with different institutions and foreign offices with Jorge Amigo as a leader of the Institute. He also mentioned the excellent administration and negotiation Jorge Amigo had made regarding Mexico's participation in several international treaties, in which the country acquired leadership positions.

José Rodrigo Roque-Díaz

Following these words, Ferrari announced that the Directive Board of the IMPI, abiding by a proposal from President Calderón, had approved the designation of Rodrigo Roque as new Director General of the IMPI, who would enter in functions on April 15th.

In a brief discourse, Ferrari mentioned that Dr. Roque-Díaz is a Lawyer graduated from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) with two doctorate degrees. The first in Fiscal Law, Public Finance and Latinamerican Studies from the University of Paris, and a second doctorate degree in Law from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). He was Legal Director of the General Direction in the National Institute for Authors' Rights (INDAUTOR), and has also been in charge of the Federal Coordination of Regulatory Improvement among other positions.

Following Mr Ferrari's speech, Rodrigo Roque set out his three major tasks to perform during his position as General Director of the IMPI:

  • To improve the effort in approaching to technology developers and generators in order to create conscience about protecting their Intellectual Property (IP) rights in our country, so this technological developments protected in Mexico can be promoted in the industrial and productive sector, which in turn, triggers Mexico to upscale from country number 60 regarding IP rights enforcement.
  • To improve the administrative process within the IMPI in order to generate better and more efficient procedures which sanction the illegal acts of trade and of counterfeiting, by working together with the Customs Authorities and the General Attorney's Office (PGR)
  • To continue and promote this teamwork with Customs, PGR and Health Authorities in order that the IMPI works as a detonator which generates a virtuous circle of IP rights enforcement.

Rodrigo Roque has a clear and precise vision of the major IP topics in which Mexico must work on. One of them is the lack of conscience of IP developers and innovators when talking about protecting their intangible assets. Another very important topic is the serious problem that piracy represents in terms of illegal commerce for Mexico, among other circumstances surrounding the system for protecting IP rights in Mexico.

Rodrigo Roque has brought a scenario in which renovated enthusiasm is perceived. With much to improve and innovate, but that will be achieved with great effort, dedication and strategic planning in order to take the IMPI to comply with his great commitment of being an element that works for, that cooperates, and that generates value for the highest competitiveness development in Mexico.

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