On March 23, 2015, the Mexican Official Standard NOM-142-SSA1/SCFI-2014, alcoholic beverages, health specifications, and commercial labeling, was published in the Federal Official Gazette and will come into full force and effect on July 21, 2015.

This Standard seeks to establish the health specifications and commercial labeling of all alcoholic beverages that are commercialized in Mexico and its compliance will be mandatory to all the people or companies that are dedicated to this activity.

In terms of the Norm, purified water must be employed on the elaboration of alcoholic beverages, and if necessary, distilled or mineralized water. Likewise, only vegetal origin ethylic alcohol and ingredients such as gold leaf, chili varieties, agave worms, fruit, candied tree, herbs, and those who do not represent a health risk to consumers, can be used in the elaboration of these products.

Furthermore, the manufacturers will have to demonstrate that the product has not been adulterated during processing, packaging and/or marketing. For such purpose, an up-to-date registry will have to be kept including invoices or documents that confirm the purchase and use of raw materials, movements of the finished product and products in process, as well as stocks of raw materials and finished products.

Regarding the labeling, each unit of prepackaged alcoholic beverages must present a label on the product, and such label must remain available until the use and consumption of the product under normal conditions.

The alcoholic beverages must be packaged in sanitary containers, made with innocuous materials and resistant to all phases of the elaboration process. The reuse of containers will be permitted only when the treatment given ensures their safety. It is prohibited the reuse of containers that have printed different logos to those of the packaged brand.

Originally published 27 March 2015.

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