On January 29, 2016, an executive order that amends the Federal Constitution regarding the political and administrative nature of Mexico's City, was published in the Federal Official Gazette. This executive order came into force on the date immediately following its publication in the Federal Official Gazette.

Mexico City will be a federal state with own autonomy regarding its internal administration and political organization.

The Public Administration of Mexico city will be centralized and government-controlled. In addition, the territorial division of Mexico City for its effects on administrative political organization as well as the number, name and the limits of their territorial boundaries will be defined with the provisions of the local Constitution. The government of the territorial boundaries of the City of Mexico will be controlled by City Halls.

The Constitutional Convention will exercise exclusively all the functions of constituent power for Mexico City and the member's election for its integration will be held the first Sunday of June 2016 to settle on 15 September of that year. The Constitution of Mexico City must be approved before January 31, 2017, by two-thirds of its present members.

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