Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP in New York and Toronto; Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega in Panama City; Brigard & Urrutia Abogados in Bogotá; Carey in Santiago; Estudio Beccar Varela in Buenos Aires; and Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados in Lima have helped Australian packager Amcor acquire Chilean counterpart Techpack's flexible packaging unit for US$435 million.

Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP in New York; Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana Abogados in Santiago; De Bracamonte, Haaker, Castellares Abogados in Lima; Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites, Arntsen & Martínez de Hoz (h) in Buenos Aires; and Posse Herrera Ruiz in Bogotá advised Techpack for the deal, which was signed on 20 April. Meanwhile, Amcor also turned to BLP (Costa Rica) for antitrust advice in Costa Rica, where both companies' sales are high enough to require a competition filing. Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice Advogados in São Paulo is thought to have played a similar role in Brazil, but this could not be confirmed prior to publication.

Techpack is an investment vehicle owned by Chilean business group Luksic. The sale of Alusa hands Amcor an operational presence in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, where Alusa produces a range of packaging materials. Shareholders that controlled indirect stakes in Alusa's Colombian and Peruvian branches through a holding company in Panama added an extra leg to the sprawling transaction.

Counsel to Amcor Flexibles

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
Partners Peter Mendell and Steven Levin, and associates Nir Servatka and Jennifer Liu in New York, partners Mark Katz and Alexandria Pike in Toronto, and associate Christina Sauro in Montréal.

Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega
Partner Roy Durling and associates Pilar Castillo and Fernando Arias in Panama City.

Brigard & Urrutia Abogados
Partner Sergio Michelsen Jaramillo and associates Richard Galindo, Laura Ribero Diaz and Maria Camila Pineda in Bogotá

Partners Pablo Iacobelli and Salvador Valdés, and associates Cristian Figueroa, Patricia Silberman and Alejandro Montt in Santiago.

Estudio Beccar Varela
Partners Ramón Moyano and Agustin Waisman, and associates Carolina Serra and Julieta Crouzel in Buenos Aires.

Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados
Partner Jose Antonio Payet and associates Kiomi Osorio Ishikawa and Rafael Ortiz Encalada in Lima.

For antitrust advice only:

BLP (Costa Rica)
Partner Uri Weinstock in San José

Counsel to Techpack
In-house counsel – Josefina Tocornal

Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Partner Marcelo Mottesi and associates John Timmermann and Monica Arduini in New York.

Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana Abogados
Partner Octavio Bofill and associates Rodrigo Saffirio, María Ignacia Castro, Ana María Verdugo, Felipe Davanzo, Andrea Alarcón and Catalina Montero in Santiago.

De Bracamonte, Haaker, Castellares Abogados
Partner Ricardo Haaker and associate Jorge Velasquez in Lima.

Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites, Arntsen & Martínez de Hoz (h)
Partners Jorge Perez Alati, Guillermo Quiñoa, Enrique Betemps and Vanina Veiga, and associate Pablo Noseda in Buenos Aires.

Posse Herrera Ruiz

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