The universal temptation of a summer holiday is one that is well known. Lazy sun-soaked mornings on the beach, the joy of quality time with our loved ones and refreshing cocktails at sunset. After a hard year toiling, there really is nothing better than leaving the stresses of day to day life behind and ambling carefree down sandy beaches and exotic markets.

For holiday providers, the promise of reliable international custom in the form of tourism is the lifeblood that keeps many businesses and towns afloat throughout the quieter winter season. The trade brought during the summer months is essential to the survival for commercial enterprises and families alike. Tourism is a principal industry for many countries and is fundamental to the economy.

But what happens when the dream turns into a nightmare? What are your rights and who can you turn to for help as the drama crashes around you?

Over 4000 holidaymakers in Tunisia woke up this week to find themselves in just such a nightmare due to the collapse of holiday stalwart Thomas Cook. Holidaymakers are stranded far from home with no clear reassurance of when they will next set foot on their home soil, a truly terrifying experience. Some are without adequate supplies of medication; others are unable to return home to take care of either their professional or personal responsibilities. The largest peacetime repatriation mission has commenced to bring holidaymakers home, however, the coordination effort required to assist 150,000 by 6 October 2019 will no doubt be tested to the limit.

In addition to holidaymakers, The Tunisian tourism industry is similarly in dire straits as, according to Tunisian Tourism Minister Rene Trabelsi, it is estimated that Thomas Cook owes the industry approximately €60 million. Tunisian Hotels and holiday providers have only just started to recover from the devastating impact caused by two attacks in 2015 that resulted in Thomas Cook suspending its package holidays for two years. Now the industry continues to suffer as this latest tragedy unfolds.

Whether you are a holidaymaker stranded abroad or a business owner who has been adversely affected by the collapse of Thomas cook you may be able to claim compensation, however, you will need to know the following before taking a claim forward:

  • How can you claim compensation?
  • Are you and your loved ones protected by ATOL and what exactly does that mean for you?
  • What are your rights?
  • Are you eligible to make a claim against your insurer or must you join a long list of creditors?
  • If you have a holiday booked in the future are you eligible for a refund?
  • What happens if you have booked a flight-only deal?
  • What are you entitled to?

Whether you are a tourist or a member of the vast community that caters for international tourists, you need to act quickly, not the least as the compensation pot may be limited, and find out exactly what your rights and entitlements are. The international team at Giambrone has vast experience of acting on behalf clients in similar situations and is ready to assist as a matter of urgency. With offices in Tunis, London and throughout the Southern Mediterranean, our vast network of experience and expertise is here to guide you through the minefield of claims and compensation.

It is simply not yet known exactly how every person affected by the collapse of Thomas Cook will make their way home and indeed, whether they will even have a proper pillow to lay their head on until they do arrive safely at their destination of origin. Regardless of how the situation develops, Giambrone's lawyers will stand ready to assist in any way they can.

If you would like to know more about the situation surrounding the collapse of Thomas Cook and the position regarding compensation please click here

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.