On February 17, 2023, the Government of Belarus adopted amendments to the regulation of the crossing of the state border of Belarus by lorries.

In reaction to the Polish checkpoints being closed, restrictions for Polish lorries to cross the border were introduced. They can enter Belarus only at the ''Kozlovichi'' border crossing point. After crossing the border, carriers must tranship or reload the cargo at specified locations.

However, the Government has specified a list of objects for the production and quality control of drugs permitted to transport without restrictions from the EU to Belarus: raw materials, pharmaceutical substances, standard samples, and reagents.

Belarusian customs authorities received the right to check the legality of the transfer of medical and pharmaceutical products based on information from Russian registries. Currently, customs authorities can check the transfer of drugs or objects necessary for their production or quality control through details from the Russian State Register of Drugs. The ground for the transfer of medical devices may be checked via information from the Russian State Register of Medical Devices.

The list of road customs offices was updated with new customs clearance offices and waiting zones of the system of electronic lines for lorries.


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