The Colombian Government issued Decree 2647 of December 23, 1999, regulating the minimum wage to be in effect in Colombia as of 1 January, 2000 and up to 31 December, 2000.

The wages from 1999 and year 2000 are shown below:

Minimum Wage

1999 (Decree 2560, 1998)

2000 (Decree 2647, 1999)

Daily (in Col. Ps.)

$ 7.882,00

$ 8.670,00

Monthly (in Col.Ps.)

$ 236.460,00

$ 260.100.00

The new wage is in fact an increase of 9.9974% over the last year´s minimum.

The minimum wage rule for the legal 48 hour-working week (normally divided into 8 hours per day for 5 working days.)

The minimum wage is specially important in Colombia, not only as a reference for labor costs but also because many items are indexed by the Government to it, such as the cost of fines.

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