The procedure of transfer of the functions from the Cancellerie Commerciali del Tribunale to the Registro delle Impresse, finally established with Law No. 580 of 29/12/93, as provided for in Arts. 2188 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code is now almost at completion - after fifty-two years of a "transitory regime". The time limit for the physical transfer of the existing company files with all the documents contained therein from one office to the other is indeed fixed for the 26/01/97. Under the profile instead of the creation of a new database in digital form containing the same data as the paper files, as it is provided for by the above mentioned law, which is aimed at making public access to the information contained in the Registry both effective and immediate, the transfer has already been completed.

It is worth remembering that the new Register, of course, contains not only the data pertaining to commercial companies according to the rules previously in force, but also the data concerning individual entrepreneurs and other businesses.

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