CzechInvest was established by the Minister of Industry and Trade in November 1992. As the country's agency for attracting foreign investment, CzechInvest aims to attract foreign investments that increase capital formation and bring value-added benefits to ensure the momentum created by privatisation is sustained. CzechInvest liaises closely with other government departments and regions to provide decision-makers with quality data for accurate investment appraisal, and can refer customers whose needs are outside the scope of CzechInvest to relevant associations and organisations. The agency was created with the express purpose of assisting foreign investors to establish their operations as quickly and as painlessly as possible in the Czech Republic. Such assistance can bring welcome relief to already over-burdened managers seeking to establish a presence in the CR and, in saving valuable executive time, CzechInvest's assistance equates to a monetary value for the companies that work with it. The service, however, is provided free of charge.

CzechInvest is committed to customer care and service, and as such has established an effective network of 11 local representatives through-out the CR, and co-operates with municipal offices to provide complete coverage of conditions in the Czech Republic at the local level.

Within two years, CzechInvest established foreign offices in London, Dusseldorf, and Paris. A US office in Chicago was open in August 1996.

While CzechInvest can provide direction, guidance and counselling throughout the search and negotiation process, it cannot fund extensive market research or feasibility studies which a foreign company may require.

CzechInvest can support the implementation of such joint venture forms either directly or through a network of external public and private organisations.

Greenfield Investments

  • For investors wishing to operate their own production facility, the Greenfields Project Department is dedicated to assist in the location of an existing facility or building of a new factory on a "greenfield" site. The Projects Department works with the investor every step of the way using a Specifications of Project form to first locate suitable site options for the investor's selection, assist in the construction phase, helping with contractors and equipment suppliers, to recruiting the work force. CzechInvest remains on hand to help in any subsequent expansions.

Joint ventures

  • For investors wishing to pursue co-operative efforts with a local partner, the Joint Venture Department provides matching services. CzechInvest will remain close throughout each stage of the joint venture process, assisting the foreign company or its professional advisers in partner search, choice of location and negotiating procedures. To facilitate and target the process, a standard registration form from each foreign company is requested. This form provides a company status report, defines its aspirations in the CR and determines the foreign company's ideal profile of the Czech partner. For CzechInvest, it is a valuable management tool which is used for the benefit of Czech and foreign companies alike.


  • The regions department uses a network of representatives throughout the Czech Republic to identify suitable sites and buildings for inward investors and to assist with the provision of regional based information. It augments what CzechInvest provides to the investor on the national level. CzechInvest is heavily involved in training the regional staff and assisting them in setting up local economic units which will help them not only in dealing with CzechInvest's customers, but also form the basis for broader-based economic initiatives in the regions.

For further information contact CzechInvest at Politickych veznu 20, 112 49 Prague 1, Czech Republic Phone (42-2) 2422-1540 Fax: (42-2) 2422-1804

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