On its website, the Customs Department has notified all economic operators that the following processes will be undertaken electronically/remotely as from 1 April, 2020.

  1. The uploading of all supporting documents to the import and export declarations for full load and groupage consignments in the National Import and Export System (NIES). 

  2. When a declaration of full load container is selected for documentary check, the check is performed as soon as the Economic Operator sends an email to the Customs Office (at verification.customs@gov.mt) with the Local Reference Number (LRN).  The economic operator will be contacted when original documents are required. 

  3. Freeport terminal gate passes will be processed electronically (applications at gatepass.customs@gov.mt).

  4. For booking of containers selected for physical inspection (import), economic operators are being requested to call on 25685123. 

  5. For the processing of transit documents (T1, T2L and T2LF), EUR1 and ATR certificates inward and outward applications, end-use and temporary admission (TA) and other procedures related with export consignments, the relevant documents are to be sent by email to specialprocedures.customs@gov.mt.

  6. For the booking of consignments selected for physical inspection (exports), economic operators are being requested to send an email to call on 25685141 / 25685167

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss further, please send an email to covid@kpmg.com.mt.

Originally published 01 April 2020

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