On 10 September 2021, the Government of Turkey initiated an anti-circumvention investigation on certain pneumatic tyres of rubber classified under HS. Codes 4011.20, 4011.70, 4011.80 and 4011.90 originating in or imported from Malaysia (“rubber tyres”).

The Ministry of Trade, Turkey will investigate claims that the rubber tyres are being imported from Malaysia as a means to circumvent existing anti-dumping measures against China. The purpose of the investigation is to rectify the ineffectiveness of the original anti-dumping measures.

According to the Ministry's Communiqué on Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports, it was decided by the Board of Evaluation of Unfair Competition in Imports that until the investigation is complete, provisional measures will be imposed in the form of guarantees to protect the domestic industry against dumping.

Interested parties have 37 days to respond from the date of notification of the initiation of the investigation.

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