17 August 2018

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TMF Group experts work from 120 offices in 80+ jurisdictions, making sure that complex administrative tasks are done right and on time. From legal set-up and oversight to regulatory filings, accounting, tax and payroll, we look after our clients’ administrative burdens so they can focus on their businesses.
With more and €7m in turnover and approximately 200 employees at TMF Romania (and counting), overseeing the business is no small feat for Managing Director Camelia Nita.
Romania Strategy
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With more and €7m in turnover and approximately 200 employees at TMF Romania (and counting), overseeing the business is no small feat for Managing Director Camelia Nita.

Incorporated almost 20 years ago, TMF Romania is one of the many countries that TMF Group is present in. With more than €7m in turnover and approximately 200 employees and counting, the day-to-day running of the business is no small feat for Camelia Nita, Managing Director of TMF Romania.

Camelia is one of those people with an air of influence and charisma; while her business acumen makes her a skilled professional, it is her warmth and friendliness that makes her a true team leader.

"I believe that we should always be more aware and caring about the people around us," said Camelia. "When you take time to know and care about people, it creates a positive atmosphere – and that is what helps you build rapport with your clients and colleagues, which is something that I have learned throughout my journey here at TMF Romania."

Camelia's career journey with the company is a long and progressive one. She first joined TMF Romania as Junior Accountant in 2000 before being promoted to Senior Accountant, then Branch Manager and Deputy Director due to her impressive performance, and demonstrated ability to lead and grow the business. Even from the early days of her career with TMF Romania, Camelia was no stranger to undertaking complex and challenging projects. Her break-through achievement was transforming the financial department by redesigning the internal processes for clients, a move that proved to be revolutionary for the business.

Now with TMF Romania for 18 years, Camelia's career journey has not been without its challenges; working in a rapidly-changing world while running a business in rather conservative areas including payroll and accounting requires careful balance. Camelia attributes her success and career progression to three factors:

  • her passion for her work
  • her determination to do an excellent job, which propelled her to more senior roles
  • and always being a positive influence towards the people around her while maintaining a good relationship with clients, colleagues and management.

"At TMF Romania I am part of a community that shares the same values; we support the structure of the business, we support each other and we create a good working environment," she explained. "From back when I first started in a junior role, I have been blessed to be able to work with truly great people – bosses who recognise and acknowledge talent, and colleagues who are genuinely supportive. This has always been the environment that we foster at TMF Romania: a workplace that supports your growth and development."

Camelia is also a firm believer in giving back once you've made it. Being someone who is passionate and supportive of the Romanian public education sector, she enrolled in a programme started and managed by the Association of Values in Education, where she participates in a leadership development programme for school principals. "I truly believe that our future depends on the way we invest in education." Through this programme, Camelia acts as a coach for the principal of one of the top high schools in Romania. The 12-month programme is similar to an MBA for school principals.

When asked about a career motto that hold true for her, Camelia shared; "When on the road, learn to ask for help. It is alright to not always know the answers, that's what teams are for. Connect with your colleagues, and that is how you can foster a close-knitted and supportive environment, like what we have here at TMF Romania."

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