The Government of Gujarat vide notification dated 30th January, 2021, has  amended the Gujarat Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011 ("Rules") under the powers conferred by Section 53(1) of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. As per the amendment, Rule 11(4) of the said Rules has been substituted with a new sub-clause. The new sub-clause 4 to Rule 11 reads as follows:

"(4) Every license issued to a manufacturer, repairer, or a dealer in weights and measures shall be valid up to 60 months and shall be automatically renewed, for a period of 60 months on payment of such fees as specified in the Schedule IV.

Provided that an inspection maybe done, after the licence is automatically renewed, by the Controller or such other officer as maybe authorized by him in this behalf and violation found on inspection shall be liable for proceedings under Rule 12 of these rules".


For the ease of understanding, we have explained the amendment below.

Extension of validity of license

The proposed amendment has increased the period of validity of license issued to manufacturers, repairers or dealers of weights and measures from 1 calendar year to 60 months.

Auto-renewal of license

The extant Rule 11(4) allowed renewal of license by the Controller or an authorized officer for a period 5 years. However, the latest amendment provides for auto-renewal of license for a period of 60 months after paying the prescribed fees as specified under Schedule IV of the Rules.

Inspection by Controller

The amendment also grants power of inspection to the Controller or any person authorized on his behalf. Such inspection may be carried out after auto-renewal of the license and any violation found upon inspection shall be liable for proceedings under Rule 12.

In sum, the proposed amendment is a positive step and promotes self-regulation by easing the burden of compliances. It is an excellent example of simplification of laws and highly welcomed by the manufacturers, repairers or dealers of weights and measures.

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