Indian media outlets have reported that a Bengalaru-based business, Shreis Scalene Therapeutics, has developed a prototype device that can disable the human to human transmission of the Corona family of viruses, including COVID-19.

The company claims that the device - named the 'Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon' - can be safely deployed in all different kinds of environments, including very small or large enclosed spaces. It is claimed to work by releasing a very high concentration of environmentally safe electrons which actively 'disarm' air and surface transmission of the Corona family of viruses, even across large enclosed spaces - blunting the spread of the disease. The device is said not to use any chemicals or produce ozone, nor to ionize the air to produce harmful compounds.

In a press release, Shreis Scalene Therapeutics said that it would seek to fast-track the manufacture and distribution of the device in accordance with US FDA guidance relating to the regulation during the pandemic of sterilizers, disinfectant devices and air purifiers. The company has reported that the team behind the device has also completed extensive EU-CE mandated safety testing paving the way for selling the device in CE-compliant markets.


At VWV, we are keeping an eye on interesting developments around the world such as this that could have a potentially game-changing impact in the fight against COVID-19. We will watch this space and follow developments with interest.

Originally published by Veale Wasbrough Vizards, August 2020

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