The Indian government is actively supports entrepreneurs and start-ups to promote new ideas and innovation by launching many programs and initiatives. The State government is also getting involve in supporting research and development by providing them financial assistance, technical assistance, and subsidies, among other facilities, also through numerous schemes. The State Governments of different states of India has launched a number of programmes, systems, and platforms that help to make a difference in industry-backed research and hasten the development of novel, high-quality products & technologies at competitive prices created through state-of-the-art in order to inspire, nurture, and enhance the strategic research and innovation capabilities of the Indian technology driven industries, start-ups, and SME's. There are also many private individuals, companies and entities who provide funds for research & development in innovative products and services.

List of State Government Grants for Research & Development and Innovation


Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission

(Govt. of Maharashtra)

Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology

(Govt. of Tamil Nadu)

Council of Science and Technology,

(Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)

Department of Science & Technology
and Biotechnology,

(Government of West Bengal)

Gujarat Council on Science and Technology

(Govt. of Gujarat)

Kerala Start-up Mission

(Govt. of Kerala)


Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment

Start-up Karnataka

(Govt. of Karnataka)

Department of Science and Technology

(Government of Rajasthan)


· Invite proposals on innovative applications of science and technology for socio-economic development.

· Collaborative Projects between Institutions and Industries for Technology Development /Adoption" (CPIITA): - new scheme which collaborative projects between the Institutions and Industries will be supporting research and development.


  • Support research and development projects which are socially pertinent and have instantaneous application to find solutions to socio-economic problems.
  • To carry out R& D projects the scientist and the researcher must be working in any educational institutions/industries/ voluntary agencies within the State recognized. Maximum of 3 years is provided.

· Support to R & D projects in several disciplines of Science & Technology is the leading scheme of CSTUP, wherein Council provides financial support for R&D in various areas relating to Science & Technology for producing new knowledge, help solving technological problems apart academic and institutional development. Schemes are sanctioned to Technical, Agricultural, R&D Institutions, Colleges, and Universities generally for the period of 02-03 years.

Science Promotion through Research & Development (Gobeshonay Bangla): -

· Research on new scientific technology areas for implementation of socio-economic objectives of the government to improve the quality of life of people.

· Supporting R&D in Emerging Fields of S&T on State Priority area under STI

· To promote science, technology and innovation based solution for gratifying needs of society, community and industry for faster economy development.

· Maximum project cost will be Rs. 50.00 lakhs and for three years' duration.

Innovation Grant: -

· Grants are provided as help to develop products or prototype at very early stage of development

· Idea Grant, are available for start-ups/students who have a Prototype to develop the final version of MVP, and is limited to 2 lakhs/idea

· R&D Grant, are available to highly auspicious deep tech Start-ups with working prototype/ IP which needs to be developed into a final product through extensive R&D. This grant is limited to Rs. 30 lakhs/start-up

Science Research Scheme: -

· Grants are provided for promotion of R/D activities in the State both fundamental and applied research.

· Research grant of Rs.30 lakhs will be provided to the selected projects for a maximum duration of 3 years.


  • Programme that offers early stage funding for ideas or concepts that haven't yet demonstrated their viability in the actual world.

· Grants for chosen concepts of up to Rs. 50 lacs.

· To utilize the potentials & talent of student of S&T stream through implementation of short duration project in prior areas of the state under this programme. Financial support is provided to student during their course of studies under the supervision and guide of the teacher of the institution.

· Project Duration: Maximum one year

· The project should be pertinent to the basic needs and social urgencies of the state such as food, shelter, clothing, health, education, transport, communication, environment and pollution etc.

· It may be correlated to the needs of the rural and urban poor and to employment generation and removal of drudgery.

· Extent of Financial Assistance - Not exceeding Rs.15000-/ (Rs. Fifteen thousand)

List of Private and International Grants for Research & Development and Innovation

TATA Innovation Fellowships


NASPA Innovation Grants Program

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

International Human Frontier Science Program

Morgan Stanley Grants

Unlimited India

The World Academy of Sciences

Amity Innovation Incubator

Zone Start-ups

Sequoia Spark


· Major highlighting is on innovation and translational research with a potential towards commercialization.

· Grant of Rs. 6.00 lakh per annum

The duration is for 3 years and extendable by another 2 years based on fresh appraisal.

· Various funding sources, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and government funds, assist a select group of enterprises in raising finance.

· The start-ups get coaching, help connecting with accelerators, and aid making strategic linkages with Nasscom's network.

· Main Intent is to provide grant to help successfully implement new ideas.

· Grants of application round, ranging from up to $1,000, $1,000 - $3,000, and $3,000 - $5,000, twice a year.

· Funds are provided for conducting research and development in field of biotechnology, science, novel technology innovation, global health solution etc.

Research Grants: -

· Fortify open scientific inquiry by commencing international collaborative, interdisciplinary and cutting-edge basic research in the life sciences.

· Each grant is awarded for a period of three years.

· The fund will leverage the experience of Morgan Stanley's in-house start-up accelerator, the Multicultural Innovation Lab, which promotes financial inclusion by offering founders of diverse tech and tech-enabled start-ups with access to investors, tools, resources, and connections they need to grow.

· A company called Unlimited India assists early-stage social entrepreneurs in expanding their start-up social enterprises. The group aids startups in their first 0–5 year stages.

· Allowing them to purchase specialized equipment and consumable supplies, and Support Master of Science students.

Businesses can obtain financial help from a variety of investment stakeholders through the Amity Innovation Incubator fund. The Amity Innovation Funds offers assistance to start-ups and business owners with:

· Direct investments made through Amity Capital Ventures in businesses

· Using financial institution plans to raise debt and equity

· Investors via VC funds and HNI investors

· Zone Start-ups India, a member of the Ryerson Futures Network that runs accelerator programmes globally, provides a start-up with a broad range of services and tools for creating businesses.

· The grant fund's size ranges from Rs. 50 Lac to Rs. 3 Cr.

· The Sequoia Spark fellowship programme is designed to help ambitious female entrepreneurs in India and Southeast Asia. It comprises a $100,000 equity-free grant and close mentoring.


With the introduction of new schemes and departments in different fields, government is trying to eradicate this problem and provide opportunities for individuals or companies for exploring their ideas for new innovation. I am confident that the future of innovation in India will be very bright. It only requires identifying and utilising the proper channels. Passion and hard dedication is required for radical innovation, which means the vision must be beyond selling to make money and sincerely making attempts to change the lives of people. I am confident that the future of innovation in India will be very bright. It only requires identifying and utilising the proper channels.

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