While the general mood of 2020 was one of uncertainty as to when the COVID pandemic would end, 2021 saw a marked shift in the mindset of corporate India. A global pandemic did not deter market activity and government measures alike have ensured the economy has not just stayed afloat, but has crossed milestones which were hitherto unachievable - the Indian capital market has been booming, a record number of entities have reached "Unicorn" status and capital deployment by global players has been robust. The government too has played ball with a number of measures to facilitate the growth of the economy and general deal making. At Khaitan & Co, we have been involved on most marquee transactions in various sectors. We have pooled our experience, insights and market intelligence in this year's Foresight to give you a flavour of what to expect in the new year. We wish you a pleasurable read and hope this helps you to plan your India journey in 2022 just as Foresight 20211 did.

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