The 6th Podcast of ESG Decibel series with Roma Balwani is a take on the current status of DE&I in the corporate world and ESG Transformation in companies. Through her talk, Ms. Balwani has been kind enough to share her personal journey of transitioning to key leadership roles at some of the leading corporate houses in the country. She talks about how there is a need for change in the thought processes and how initiatives focused on promoting diverse representation are required to champion the spirit of inclusion and equality. Ms. Balwani shares how collaborative efforts can help change the narrative and thrive towards a diverse ecosystem. She also illustrates the ESG Scoring and transformation stories in India Inc! Join us to listen to Ms. Balwani share her thoughts on how DE&I is a non-negotiable approach! ESG Transformation is happening.

Roma Balwani is CEO & Brand Custodian, Indian Deaf Cricket Association

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