Rumours that a probable foldable surface tablet is to be brought to the market by Microsoft about on 2020 are taking the rounds. A novel patent application for the same has been published describing the unique features of a new foldable device. The application reveals the foldable device with a strong focus on the hinge mechanism which is almost similar to that of a Surface Book. The Patent for the same was first filed in 22ndDecember, 2017 at USPTO under Application no. 15/853,536 and was published on 27th July, 2019.

It's almost more than a decade that Microsoft has been thinking of such a device so it doesn't come off as much of a surprise. The Patent is primarily focused on its folding mechanism. The patent shows that this device has dual display portions which are fastened to each other using a unique hinge. The connection of the two devices by the exoskeletal hinge gives it its novelty and uniqueness. The first exoskeletal hinge segment is secured to the first portion defining an accurate tab that travels in an accurate cavity which is defined by the second exoskeletal hinge segment secured to the second portion allowing relative rotation between both the first and the second portions. The patent doesn't however, does not get into the details of its potential uses, but mentions laptop components like processors and storage.

According to whatever Microsoft claims the use of such a mechanism will surely solve any technical problem in regards to maintaining a flexible display in a neutral environment during the rotation of the first and the second portions. The present implementations will be able to exercise self-adjusting hinge design allow it to automatically adjust its length during rotation. There are definitely some advantages of flexible displays over the rigid ones but they can also be susceptible to damage is what is claimed by Microsoft.

Though both, the Surface book and this new folding mechanism tablet by Microsoft haves an uncanny similarity with each other the radius hinge assembly of the device can permit the device to undergo a range of rotation from a deployed or open orientation. The device could also be used as a tablet as sometimes the closed orientation can be about zero degrees.

Even though it is more than a year now that Microsoft has been rumoured to work on the launch of its first folding Windows 10 device, Microsoft is well aware of the problems that come with flexible displays and is taking its time to deliver a quality product unlike the other Folding devices that were launched in the market previously and failed miserably.






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