Hong Kong has approved its first-ever standard patent under a new system aimed at encouraging original patents as the global financial hub also aims high in innovation and technology.

The invention, involving the use of artificial intelligence to manage inventory in an e-commerce system, was granted earlier this week under the original grant patent (OGP) system, according to the Intellectual Property Department of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government.

Launched in December 2019, the OGP system creates a direct route for innovators to seek standard patent protection in Hong Kong with a maximum term of 20 years.

Under the old but still existing "re-registration" route, patents must first be approved by three designated patent management authorities outside of Hong Kong. Otherwise, inventions can only have short-term protection for at most eight years.

By the end of May, the government has received a total of 426 OGP applications, of which 33 percent were submitted by Hong Kong residents or enterprises and 67 percent from non-local applicants. 


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