Guernsey Finance is seeking a new specialist in business development overseas as Deputy Chief Executive Kate Clouston has announced plans to move on to a new business development role within the island's finance industry.

Miss Clouston joined the promotional agency for the Guernsey's finance industry in early 2015, and although she had a non-financial services background, has been credited for making significant progress in the Asian and US markets. She has spent significant periods on the road with Guernsey Finance, particularly in Asia, where her ability to speak Mandarin has been widely respected.

"Kate has made a tremendous impact in the time she has been with us," said Guernsey Finance Chief Executive Dominic Wheatley. "In particular she has helped to transform the success of our efforts in China and Hong Kong, and I know her work has been well respected by the local industry.

"I am delighted for Kate to have this new opportunity and wish her well for the future.

"Kate has been a 'face' of Guernsey Finance internationally and now it is time for someone else to take on that mantle. I am proud of the role that we have been able to play in her development. Guernsey Finance creates opportunities for people in the island's financial services industry to enhance their knowledge and connections and serve the industry in its broadest form.

"We will now look to recruit a replacement for Kate, specialising in global business development, and look to build on her good work. She will be a hard act to follow."

Miss Clouston said: "I'd like to thank Guernsey Finance for this amazing opportunity over the past four years. I have gained a thorough insight into how the industry works in Guernsey and it has been an honour to promote the Guernsey finance industry, particularly when the work done in the island is of such a high standard and respected internationally."

Miss Clouston is to take on the role of global relationship manager with offshore law firm Collas Crill next year.

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