Guernsey-headquartered Ravenscroft has launched two of its successful funds into the UK market.

The stockbroking and investment management company, founded in Guernsey in 2005, employs more than 80 people in the Channel Islands and has £2.87bn of assets under administration.

The IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Balanced Fund and The IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund will mirror the offshore equivalents.

In the Channel Islands, the Balanced Fund has delivered growth of 60.3% over five years to June 2017, annualised at 12.1%, and the Global Blue Chip Fund has seen an increase of 40.6% over three years to June 2017, annualised at 13.5%.

IFSL is acting as ACD and Vartan Ravenscroft, a subsidiary of Ravenscroft, is the sponsors of the funds which have officially launched following a two-week initial offer period.

The company is backed by well-known financier Stephen Lansdown, who recently became Chairman of Ravenscroft and owns nearly a third of Ravenscroft said it was an exciting time for the business.

"The success of Ravenscroft in the Channel Islands is the ideal springboard for launching its top performing funds onshore," he said. "I am looking forward to working with teams in the UK and the Channel Islands, who are some of the best I have seen, as we take this next natural step forward."

Ravenscroft has employed Mark Harries, who brings three decades of wealth management experience to his role as Head of Investment Management UK. He has worked at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, Cazenove, Prudential Bache, ANZ Grindlays and Coutts & Co. More recently, he was the head of multi-manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, where he was responsible for the management and advice on more than £15bn of assets.

Mr Harries said the success of Ravenscroft in the Channel Islands had been built on a strong company ethos.

"What struck me about the Channel Islands business was the accountability," he explained. "The team see their clients in the street, in the supermarket and out socially. Clients of Ravenscroft are people they know and speak to regularly and while that personal approach might to some seem old-fashioned, it's something that investors are asking for more and more.

"Since the crash of 2008, investors are now rightly asking where their money is and whether it is safe. The investment management industry has never been asked those types of questions before and the introduction of MiFID II will only increase that transparency and add pressure on advisers to be able to clearly explain the structure of funds and the reasons behind their decisions and advice.

"That's not a challenge for Ravenscroft as we only invest in things that can be easily understood. The team is extremely capable and are passionate about the funds. Having fund managers who invest alongside their clients is very reassuring."

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