"Private enterprise in Chile must create more"

The Director General of Clarke, Modet & Cº Chile, Rio Carolina, was commissioned to expound on the influential role of Intellectual Property in the process of Co-Creation in the launch Management Value, conducted by the Club innovation, which brings together 64 member companies to generate sustainable high-impact innovation.

As a prelude to a panel of experts to address the why of the importance of co-creating, with Andres Zalher, Division Chief Innovation Ministry of Economy, Ubaldo Taladriz, general manager of Exe, a Chilean company that "co- created "with Google for works, Rio Carolina began explaining" that industrial property is a property right, but at the same time is a tool that makes that property is non-negotiable". She then warned that if "creativity is not protected, it is no longer a value. The aim is to achieve partnerships between companies safely ".

And to ensure that "the co-creation can improve efficiency," the lawyer cited several concrete examples of collaborative industry and then some examples of companies which have actively worked universities and companies.

To the attentive audience, after exposure of the General Director of Clarke, Modet & Cº Chile, it was opened an interesting conversation. Andres Zahler acknowledged that "on these issues even Chile has much to learn" and there's a great challenge to involve the academic world, because "people more dedicated to thinking is in universities and not necessarily on companies, differences countries like Australia or New Zealand. "

And the executive government acknowledged that "Chile only invests about 0.4% of its GDP in research and development, while more advanced OECD countries is 2.4%. So much to learn. And where it's challenges is precisely in the companies ".

Then Carolina del Río remarked that "the key issue is education, from children, to encourage more the culture of creation, to be the owner of your own business, we are able to export knowledge". And she called to "seek more companies, including universities. If we look at the statistics, we see that of the nearly three thousand patents presented in Chile, Chilean and 500 are 450 of them are universities. Private enterprise in Chile have not yet seen as a necessity, must create more. There is still much to be done. "

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