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Date of Release: Thursday 25 March 1999

DURING a visit to Gibraltar last week, Ivo Forde and Roger Carroll of Bell Pottinger Communications held meetings with Peter Montegriffo, Minister for Trade and Industry, Anthony Fisher, Finance Centre Director, Martin Fuggle, Financial Services Commissioner, and Francis Cantos, Media Director.

The aim of the visit was to help plan the next phase of the finance centre's campaign to win further international business for Gibraltar. Ivo Forde said that the Rock has transformed its standing in the eyes of the international financial community in the last two years or so.

Mr Forde believes that Gibraltar "is now recognised as delivering the best of both worlds for international finance groups by providing trustworthy regulations that are working, and customer support for entrepreneurial development and growth."

He added: "The international financial community now understands Gibraltar sufficiently well to be able to dismiss the border episode as a passing phase rather than a long-term trend. The future for the financial centre looks bright."


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