The usual situation is that an owner wishes to own his yacht through a nominee company and the yacht be registered on the British Register of Shipping. First of all the company is formed to own the yacht and declarations of trust are executed by our nominee company in favour of the owner.

Meanwhile the desired name for the yacht is cleared with the Register of Shipping. The previous owner, or the client if he already owns the yacht, signs a Bill of Sale in favour of the Company. If the yacht is new the Builder's Certificate is made in favour of the company. Before the yacht can be registered it must be surveyed by an authorised measurer and a tonnage measurement taken. This survey merely ascertains the tonnage and is in no way an examination of the yacht's condition. The survey is arranged by us, wherever the yacht is lying, and the client pays the surveyor's fees.

Yachts holding International Tonnage Certificate are advised that under the rules for the registration of ships under the Merchant Shipping Acts of the United Kingdom, the vessels must be measured by authorised Surveyors recognised by the Department of Trade for the purposes of British Registry. Accordingly the yacht will still require a tonnage survey.

Once we received the Bill of Sale and the necessary applications are filed by us at the Port of Registry a Carving and Marking Note will be issued. The Carving and Marking contains the registered tonnage, official number, name of yacht and the Port of registry. A Plaque will have to be made containing the registered tonnage and the official number. This plaque is then placed inside the yacht.

This article is intended as a general guide to the offshore services available in Gibraltar, and should not replace individual professional advice. One should always ensure that professional advice is taken both in Gibraltar and in any other country affected by the offshore structure.