The presidium of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) has decided who will be the presiding judges of the Central, the Local and the Regional Divisions:

For the Central Division in Paris Ms. Florence Butin was announced and Ms. Ulrike Voß for the Munich Central Division.

The Local Division will be presided as follows: Mr Walter Schober (Vienna), Mr Samuel Granata (Brussels), Mr Petri Rinkinen (Helsinki), Ms Camille Lignieres (Paris), Mr Ronny Thomas (Düsseldorf), Ms Sabine Klepsch (Hamburg), Mr Peter Michael Tochtermann (Mannheim), Mr Matthias Zigann (Munich), Mr Pierluigi Perrotti (Milan), Mr Edger Brinkman (The Hague), Ms Rute Lopes (Lisbon), Ms Mojca Mlakar (Ljubljana).

At the Nordic-Baltic Regional Division Mr Stefan Johansson will be the presiding judge.

The full decision is available here and will enter into force on 1 June 2023, when the court opens for business.

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