Key Points

  • Applicants must have a work contract with a foreign company, and meet the monthly salary requirement, which is EUR 2,700.
  • If family members of the applicant choose to accompany the applicant, additional salary requirements are to be met.
  • Those looking to work remotely in Malta must have a valid travel document, health insurance coverage, plans of the intended place of stay, and pass a background check.
  • Applications are filed via email and require a filing fee of EUR 300.


Malta has introduced the Digital Nomad Residence Permit for those looking to work remotely while residing in Malta.

Looking Ahead

As many businesses are adapting to remote work, countries around the world are adapting their immigration policies to keep up with the demands of global workforce. We expect to see more countries creating remote working residence permits in the coming year.

Originally published 16 June 2021

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