What is it like to be in Malta today?

Malta is a Mediterranean gem with year-round sunshine, crystal clear blue seas and dynamic lifestyle. It is a great place to visit for summer vacations, explore a variety of cultures (large expat community), attractions and non-stop events throughout the year.

Malta today offers residents the unique opportunity to live every aspect of life to the fullest, with warm sunshine and beautiful seas providing a captivating environment to a pleasant Mediterranean lifestyle. The island offers a stable, secure environment for families and young children, crime is almost non-existent, making Malta one of the safest places in the world.

Why Malta?

Why has Malta become such a hotspot for foreigners? Malta today enjoys a continuous growth in investments from evolving tech companies. A main reason for this stronghold is the regulatory framework in the areas of Information Technology, iGaming and Fintech. Hence, this strategic move has contributed to offering more jobs in Malta.

IT jobs in Malta are the hallmark of a buzzing innovation ecosystem leading to highly skilled workforce who relocate to the Maltese islands. Top tech start-ups moving to Malta are on an upward trend and have high demand for LAMP stack and full-stack developers as well as DevOps Engineers. Major cryptocurrency exchanges moving to Malta have led to innovation opportunities to thrive, and with this, even a greater demand for top talent acquisition in finance and tech, with particular knowledge in Big Data and AI.

Expats in Malta and reasons to move to Malta

Most expats share the relocation as a breeze to the Maltese islands as Malta is an EU Member State and part of the Schengen Area Agreement. Once settled, expats in Malta also share the ease of getting from point A to point B which takes approximately no more than 30 minutes away.

English is an official language in Malta and the normal hours of work are based on 40 hours a week. However, developers in the IT sector usually have flexible shifts as their roles are a bit more complex. Finding top talent for the IT industry in Malta is challenging but possible if you have the right attitude and tools. At VacancyCentre, we assist and advice candidates to find their most suitable IT job in Malta.

Innovation support, community and international exposure - Gozo Innovation Hub

Little that you may know, the Maltese islands have a secret IT gem - Gozo. Co-financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Gozo Innovation Hub aims to be the bread and butter for innovative projects. You may have heard that among the first companies to move into the premises are companies partnering with global giants Microsoft and Google. In August 2019, Microsoft announced it would be working with Gozitan IT specialists J2 Group. The partnership will work on the Microsoft CityNext project, which seeks to empower citizens and cities through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As part of their joint collaboration on research and development, Microsoft and J2 will be testing a number of pilot projects in Gozo to explore efficient ways for the implementation of this technology. Successful projects may lead to a considerable number of other tests in various areas such as health, tourism, traffic, supply-chain management and logistics to improve every day life of the global citizen.

How to decide when to move to Malta?

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