On October 19th took place the 4th meeting of internal communication "Talking in Clarke, Modet & Cº Chile" which was attended by two referents of the booming national industry Video Games, Juan Pablo Lastra, Director of Technology Company Behavior Chile and Jose Manuel Muniz, Special Counsel Arts Council and Chilean audiovisual industry. 

In a pleasant conversation, our young guests presented the explosive growth of activity in the country, recognizing that Chilean developers are just beginning to appraise the benefits of protecting their ideas and "know-how" for higher returns in the competitive global scenario.

Why video games?

Video games are the new Chilean export product where multinationals have eye, relying project development for computer games, consoles, mobile devices and web browsers.

Market figures show high growth in Chile. With close to $15 million annual turnover and an increasing number of development companies confirm a thriving and healthy projection for the segment. Only in 2015, nearly 50 companies that make up the Chilean Association of Game Developers created more than 160 titles, some as successfully as Candy Crush.

A promising future for this sector has also attracted interest from the Chilean government. Since 2011, this industry has the support of ProChile, responsible institution Foreign promoting exports.

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