Trade secret protection and enforcement in 2020 requires a new, coordinated approach to legal and business strategies. The legal landscape was already changing across Europe with the implementation of the Trade Secrets Directive. Working remotely has further accelerated change by transforming the way in which we access, use, store, and transfer proprietary business information.

Protecting these valuable assets, while allowing key personnel to access and monetise them, is a challenge under 'normal' circumstances. In the remote working environment, these challenges become even greater.

In this webinar, Jones Day lawyers discussed trade secret protection and enforcement approaches across Europe and practical strategies for businesses, and addressed the following:

  • Securing trade secrets from unauthorised access and cyberattack;
  • Differences in enforcement across key EU markets;
  • Onboarding new employees and dealing with departing employees in the remote working environment; and
  • Reacting in case of a trade secrets breach.

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