The Programme Based Approach, which came into effect on 1 July 2015, intends to take measures that, on the one hand, result in a decrease of the nitrogen deposition (source measures) and, on the other hand, enlarge the carrying capacity of nature (conservation measures). With this, the PAS will create "deposition scope" for existing and new economic activities. A practical change under the PAS is that limit values apply, under which no permission is required. The general limit values are set at 1 mole per hectare per year on a nitrogen-sensitive habitat type or on a Natura 2000 habitat. The PAS comprises amendments to the Nature Conservation Act 1998, the Decision Limit Values Programme Based Approach, the Regulation Programme Based Approach and the Programme Based Approach 2015-2012. The PAS legislative proposal content was outlined in earlier editions of In Context.

Links to these articles and the PAS legislation and regulations can be found below (in Dutch only).

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