Svetoslav Dimitrov, partner at Penkov, Markov & Partners, commented before Bloomberg TV the existence of all preconditions for new investment boost in RES energy production in Europe and the rest of the world, as well as the new challenges before the energy systems.

One of the main preconditions for such a boost is the significant decrease of the price of the photovoltaic components needed for construction of the photovoltaic plants, which has led in some countries to decrease of the cost for production of RES energy, going even below the cost for production of electricity from the solid fuels plants.

Another important precondition is associated with the new objectives of the European Commission, which found expression in its eight legislative proposals aimed not only at ensure achieving of the 40% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, which is the target in the agreement of Paris on the climate changes, but also to transform the ways of stimulating renewable energy and limiting polluting industries.

The proposals include measures that should lead to greater energy efficiency and bigger number of market relations in the energy sector. RES will have to directly compete with other energy technologies, but in a business environment more favourable for them, as long as more ecological requirements will be applied on coal energy.

A topic for discussion were also the challenges that upcoming changes create for the electricity transmission undertakings and the existing grid, and the need for building a "smart grid", but also to modify the existing business models in the energy sector.

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