Despite all that remains uncertain for European employers – involving the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic, new working models or any number of other emergent workforce issues – one area has come into greater focus: Most companies are planning a return to the office in some form.

That much is clear from Littler's fourth annual European Employer Survey. It's less clear, however, whether companies' plans for balancing remote and in-person work align with employee preferences – setting the stage for some very real workplace tensions in the critical months to come.

To better understand the myriad forces transforming the European workplace and the actions employers are taking in response, Littler surveyed more than 530 human resources executives, in-house attorneys and business leaders based mainly across Western and Southern Europe. The survey provides insight into European employers' plans for reopening worksites and offering new work models, as well as how they are addressing employee well-being, diversity in the workplace, technological disruption and potential workforce reductions, among other pressing workforce issues.

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