Human rights are intended to support all individuals around the world. These regulations look to what is considered as basic needs. They apply to people regardless of background or physical or mental disability. In the workplace, discrimination or mistreatment for any reasons beyond the ability to complete the work itself is not permitted, and most developed nations have legal systems in place to enforce or punish entities that do not follow the regulations.

The UAE has a rapidly growing economy, and it receives significant international attention. This attention arises partly because of the friendly nature of the legal systems, which are among the best developed in the region. The nation has legislations concerning people with disabilities, though improvements are regularly arising.

While there are regulations in place, there is room to improve and specify the different points. A new manual has been produced with the requirements of employers receiving introduction and definitions. The new changes are summarised as follows.

UAE New Manual

The objective of the manual is to empower people of determination by ensuring they receive appropriate treatment by employers and also receive necessary assistance with seeking roles. Beyond this, the process will allow the government to create a database. It will collect information on the needs of the individuals in the country.

The manual also specifies different forms of empowerment methods. There will arise employment programs for people of determination and rehabilitation systems to maximise their abilities and ensure they are as employable as anyone else. Further to this, training programs will exist to best prepare for actual interviews and jobs.

UAE Law Number 29 2006 is the fundamental law concerning the rights of individuals with disabilities and the manual looks to enforce the law in its totality.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.