Michael Chambers & Co LLC is proud to announce a recent triumph as our Litigation Department successfully secured a Mareva Injunction Order, for the freezing of a substantial $109 million in worldwide movable assets against fraudulent Forex Entities in a high-profile Forex scam case.

Navigating through legal intricacies, our dedicated team demonstrated exceptional skill in obtaining this notable Mareva Injunction Order which is applicable on worldwide assets. The strategic use of this legal remedy ensures the freezing of $109 million, a significant milestone for our clients' ongoing case and a testament to our firm's legal prowess.

What is a Mareva Injunction Order?

A Mareva Injunction Order, is a legal remedy aimed to freeze assets and prevent a party from disposing such assets pending the resolution of a legal dispute. This type of Interlocutory relief is designed to preserve the status quo and ensure that assets remain available to satisfy a potential judgment. The Mareva Injunction Order is typically sought in cases where there is a genuine concern that one party might attempt to move or hide assets to frustrate the enforcement of a future judgment. To obtain a Mareva Injunction Order, the Applicant must, inter alia, convince the Court, that there is a real risk of disposal of assets and that such an Order is necessary to protect the interests of justice. For more information check our legal article about Mareva Injunction.

This landmark achievement, expertly handled by our esteemed lawyers Marina Vassiliou, Konstantina Diola, Christiana G. Georgiou and Andreas Theofanidis signifies a resounding triumph in protecting our client's interests and seeking justice.

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