As per the Tax Department's announcement on 07 January 2020, according to the amendment law N173(I)/2019 as approved by the Parliament and with effect from 19 December 2019, the combined Personal Tax allowable deductions limit for the above listed payments is increased to 1/5 of the net taxable income* of the individual.

Note that a tax deduction for these amounts is, in certain cases, subject to further conditions (for example life insurance premiums are subject to a maximum of 7% of the insured amount).

The above amendment applies from the tax year 2019.

*Net Taxable Income: is the Gross Income less any deductible expenses and/or exemptions, before the personal allowances

Example of Net Taxable Income calculation:

Gross Income




Deductible expenses


Net Taxable Income*


Personal Tax Allowance

(limited to 1/5 of Net Taxable Income)


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