Income Tax for Individuals

The income on which an individual will be taxed in Cyprus, is according to whether an individual is classified as a tax resident in the Republic of Cyprus or not.

A Cyprus tax resident is taxed on all of their chargeable income arising from all sources inside and outside of the Republic. While a non-Cyprus tax resident is taxed only on the income arising from inside the Republic.

Cyprus Tax Residency and how it is determined:

Below are two guideline rules that can be used, in order to distinguish and understand when an individual qualifies as a Cyprus tax resident for a specific year:

The 183 days rule:

If an individual resides in Cyprus for more than 183 days during a tax year, then this individual can qualify as a Cyprus tax resident for that tax year;

The 60 days rule:

On 1st January 2017 the above rule was amended, in order for individuals who meet the below conditions to also be considered as a Cyprus Tax Resident, unde the '60 day rule'. Conditions to qualify as a tax resident for a specific year:

  1. An individual does not spend more than 183 days, either continuously or in total, of that tax year in another country and is not a tax resident in another country for that year;
  2. An individual spends at least 60 days in Cyprus during that year;
  3. An individual carries out a business and/or is working in Cyprus, and/or holds an office with a Cyprus tax resident company any time during that year;
  4. The individual either owns or rents a permanent residence in Cyprus.

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