The modern digital age requires all professionals to be able to effectively use the given social platforms. Millions of people are using Linked In, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but few are those who realize that not everyone is really harnessing the power of social media so as to benefit their business.

Nowadays, social media platforms have become the very essence of the success behind many businesses which have managed to get ahead of the tough competition. By creating digital marketing strategies, they managed to stay alive while maintaining a strong online presence especially during the past 12 months when the pandemic changed our lives for ever.

Social media platforms offer something very important. They allow each business to reach the global marketplace and expand its customer base in a much faster and more cost-effective way. With the click of a button the product, the service or the video promoting it can reach millions within hours in a more personalized way. Through a message on Linked In we find ourselves connected with other professionals whom in other circumstances it would take long flights and many miles to reach.

In addition, businesses have the opportunity to target their audiences while improving visibility on the search engines. Businesses suddenly have a face, and a character, a vision and a mission which is more easily communicated and available to see, read, hear or watch. The best part is that the customer is allowed to interact and ask questions, thus making procedures much simpler and solving problems which previously would seem impossible without the physical presence of the expert.

By utilizing the social media platforms, in the best possible way, there are better chances for companies, businesses and organizations to increase their brand awareness and receive recognition from around the globe. It is simple, yet often difficult, for some businesses to understand that through social media their products or services can be shared with potential clients who are users of the same social media platforms.

A large number of organizations and businesses today are starting to utilize social media with the aim of reaching their business goals. It is also time for law firms to tap on to social media because this could possibly make their way towards excellent business development. Online marketing strategies are redefined while the business sector is booming massively due to social media.

If we take as an example Linked In, which is the most powerful tool among professionals and business people, then what it takes to establish a very good profile as an expert in the required field can be seen in the steps below.

First of all, the profile picture has to be a professional one while the information on the section of the bio must be updated regularly, stating recent achievements and successes. To start with, you should have a plan as to identify the image you wish to portray of yourself. Then, define the business groups with which you would like to connect. It is also very important to obtain at least three references from people you have worked with or with whom you are still working so as to place them on the recommendations area of your profile. Create a short invitation to link up with similar-minded individuals. Establish your best points and brand yourself. Start networking with people, not only within your circle but also out of your circle, so as to expand and develop your acquaintances and at the same time grow your business.

It is interesting that even if professionals, may still be sceptical about how social media can help businesses grow, numbers do the talking. The statistics of the recent research of Alexander Gendlin, author of the book Compass Law Firm Ranking, have shown that 92% of lawyers are using social media, whereas 98% are using LinkedIn. It has been found that up to 83% of lawyers make posts once or twice a week, whilst 66% of lawyers have admitted that social media has generated new business for them, thus leading to business development.

Social media is here to stay and it is in our interests to utilize these platforms and their tools in the best possible way. With regard to the posts, they should be short, to the point, followed by a picture while the link of the website of the firm or the business should always be visible. The content has to be up-to-date, the wording must be professional, and success announcements always add a positive touch to the profile. As far as videos are concerned, they should be short, usually a maximum of 30 seconds, in which real people do the talking and not just graphics. Above all, every business profile must be kept true to who that person is and what that person represents.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.