The Ministry of Interior informs the public that the date of commencement of the Housing Incentive Scheme for Mountainous, Remote and Disadvantaged Areas was set 1 March 2021.

The purpose of the program is to provide financial support for the acquisition of a private residence for permanent ownership in areas under this program. The plan covers a total of 258 communities / regions defined as remote, mountainous and disadvantaged on the basis of specific criteria.

The financial support amounts to 50% of the total expenditure for the acquisition of a residence, with a minimum threshold of total expenditure being ?20,000. The aid ceiling (50% total expenditure) depends on the composition of the family as shown below:

  • Single persons up to ?20.000;
  • Couples up to ?30.000;
  • Young couple - not to have closed 41st year of age none of the two members of the couple at the date of application, up to ?45.000;
  • Family with children (including single parent family) up to ?35.000;
  • Young family with children (including a young single parent family) - not to have closed 41st year of age none of the family members at the date of application, up to ?50.000;
  • Multi-kit families (4 and over children), up to ?55.000;
  • People with disabilities additional amount, up to ?10.000 for construction;
  • For special constructions, for safety and adequate support for morphology or soil gradient, an additional amount of up to ?15.000.

Applications will be accepted from 1 March 2021 until 31 December 2021. Applications must be submitted to provincial administrations, depending on the region. It is noted that the date of receipt is taken into account and is recognized as the date of submission of the application for ranking purposes in a priority order for approval. They receive financial support those who have been positively assessed and subject to sufficient available funds.

The plan, the lists of eligible areas, the conditions for participation, the evaluation criteria for applications and application forms can be found on the Government's website.

Criteria for the Evaluation of each Application

The following criteria, together with the conditions relating to the scheme, will be checked when assessing the application.

Income criteria:

  1. Gross Family Income should be within the following frame: 1130788a.jpg * Explanatory Note: Family Income means the total annual gross income of all family members resulting from the sum of the individual gross income that each family acquired in the year preceding the year in which the application is submitted. ** For the outermost and remote communities presented in Annex B3, increased income criteria apply.
  2. The under development or under examination plots must be within the eligible areas (Geographic Areas A, B and C - Remote, Mountain & Disadvantaged Areas and outer mountain and outer and remote communities / regions respectively - Annex B).
  3. The under development or under examination plots must be within a residential zone.
  4. A building permit has been secured.
  5. Total Beneficial Area for Residence Acquisition cannot exceed 200m², and in the event of an existing residence 250 m². They will not be taken into account when calculating the beneficial area
    1. Uncovered verandas, sheds and auxiliary spaces unless the sum of their area exceeds 50 sq.m. In case the total sum of their area exceeds 50sq.m. only the extra area will be taken into account. If sheds or auxiliary spaces are necessary for technically necessary infrastructure (eg to support residence due to morphology or soil gradient), it can be exempted to calculate an additional area up to 50 m²., provided that in the floor plans of its levels Residence indicates these sites as auxiliary and not as a main use area or other beneficial space.
    2. Covered verandas unless their area exceeds 20% of the structure space of the same floor.

    For confirmation of beneficial area, as identified above, a certificate of a private scholar must be presented.
    ** Explanatory Note: To erect or purchase a new home the total beneficial area cannot exceed 200 m², while for buying and improving an existing residence or acquisition with donation or otherwise and improving an existing residence cannot exceed 250 sq.m.

  6. Applications involving a swimming pool construction are discarded.
  7. Documentation of the availability of satisfactory financial resources for home acquisition. If a loan will be concluded, a pre-contractual agreement with a financial institution is needed to confirm the availability of satisfactory financial resources. The pre-contractual agreement to secure it must be submitted by the application for financial support.

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