Having successfully dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic with excellent epidemiological results and one of the lowest ratios of coronavirus cases per capita in Europe, Cyprus is ready to welcome travellers to the island.

The Republic of Cyprus has announced the Resumption of International Air Traffic to Cyprus and has enacted protocols and procedures to protect both travellers and locals.

To facilitate your travel arrangements to Cyprus,see below all necessary information required by the Health Authorities and the Republic of Cyprus.

As from June 9, 2020 international air travel to Cyprus, from several countries, will be permitted. "Source countries are divided into two categories, A and B, based on internationally available epidemiological data." Click here to find the countries in each category. The list of countries will be reviewed and revaluated on a weekly basis.

Do I need a COVID-19 PCR test certificate to travel to Cyprus?

As of June 20, 2020, travellers flying from Category A countries will no longer be required to have a COVID-19 PCR test but those traveling from Category B must undertake the PCR test at the source country 72 hours before traveling. In this case, the PCR test certificate will be requested at the airport before onboarding and should also be displayed upon arrival in Cyprus.

What if my country of origin is unable to make Covid-19 CPR test available to the public?

In this case a compulsory testing will be required upon arrival in Cyprus airports and the traveller will be borne with the cost. Until the test results are available travellers will be asked to self-isolate.

What if my country of origin is not included neither in Category A or B?

Travelling from countries not included in Category A or B is not permitted yet (even for transit travel) unless under exceptional circumstances and after prior approval by the Cyprus government.

What documentation is needed to travel to Cyprus?

Travellers need to fill-in the Covid-19 Travel Declaration which will be soon available on the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Copies of the Covid-19 Travel Declaration will also be available at the airport's check-in counters. The filled-in form will be requested before onboarding and upon arrival in Cyprus.

Covid-19 Travel Declaration includes various questions and confirmations, for example: confirmation that the traveller has not been in a country other than those included in Category A & B, has not been in touch with a Covid-19 patient or has not shown any Covid19 symptoms the last 72 hours. Also, it includes a disclaimer that the travel is taking place at a person's own responsibility and that upon return to the country of origin the traveller will notify the Health Authorities of Cyprus in case he/she experience Covid-19 symptoms 14 days after leaving Cyprus.

What are the health and safety protocols during and after my flight to Cyprus?

Prior boarding the PCR test certificates will be requested from the travellers. Travellers' temperature may be taken before onboarding and wearing masks during the flight might be compulsory.

After arriving in Cyprus, the travellers' temperature will be taken at boarder control.

What protocols apply in Cyprus?

In Cyprus health and safety protocols are enhanced on a general basis. They include measures such as physical distancing measures, face masks, frequent aeriation of all indoor areas and antibacterial gels in all indoor or outdoor establishments. Other protocols also apply for buses, taxis or other vehicles, for archaeological sites, museums, diving sites, for swimming pools and beaches, for all hospitality, accommodation and entertainment establishments.

Is travellers' random Covid-19 testing going to be done in Cyprus?

Yes. Some travellers, on a random basis, will be asked to undertake a Covid-19 test upon their arrival in Cyprus. The cost will be borne by the Cyprus Government.

What if I test positive during my stay in Cyprus?

In case a traveller's test is positive then the Cyprus Government will cover the cost of lodging, food, drink and medication for the patient, his/her family and close contacts.

100 beds will be available exclusively for travellers who test positive and these will be increased if necessary. Additionally, another 500 rooms in dedicated quarantine - hotels will be available for the close contacts of the persons who test positive in Covid-19.

Originally published 15 June, 2020

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