Under the context of the European Capital of Culture in 2017 where Pafos, known as the city of Agapinor (Agapinor = the ancient king who founded Pafos) proudly hosts the cultural event, the law firm Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC will host, in the city, a meeting of one of the world's largest network of independent lawyers and law firms, with more than 8.500 lawyers in 100 countries worldwide.

Multilaw will be holding the Fly-In Meeting in Pafos from the 1st to 2nd June 2017, where more than 60 lawyers from several countries will attend. Members of Multilaw, on special charter flights, will come to Pafos to attend this Conference that is taking place in one of our city's most prestigious beachfront hotels.

As Mr Savvas Savvides stated, it is truly an honour for our city that the Conference this year will take place in Pafos particularly as it holds the honorary title of the European Capital of Culture in 2017. This year's Conference serves to highlight an important aspect of the legal profession and raises the prospect of bringing about a new way of communication between lawyers from different countries with diverse legal systems and laws. It is generally accepted that businesses and partnerships at the present time know no borders and it is crucial for a modern legal body to constantly keep abreast of developments that occur in international law, in order to advise and inform its clients and offer its capable services, particularly to those active both within Europe and outside Europe.

As Multilaw has affirmed its priority to help its members to provide the best possible service in every area and location, regardless of language, laws and/or regulations. All law firms who are members of Multilaw have the ability to serve clients fully with qualified personnel, specialized legal services and expertise in all aspects of the legal profession. Given the fact that Pafos is the European Capital of Culture in 2017, the law firm Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC proposed that this year's Multilaw Conference takes place in our city. The proposal was accepted with pleasure by Multilaw and during the 2-day Conference attendees have the opportunity to get to know our city of Agapinor and to participate in cultural events which will take place in the city.

It is a real challenge, as Mr Savvides has stated, for all the members of our law firm to work towards the smooth running of the Conference to achieve exceptional success of the Conference.

In addition to legal issues that will be discussed during the Conference there will also be the presentation by Mr. Michael Virardi with the interesting topic "Everyone Communicates But Very few People Connect".

Over and above the informative part of the Conference, Mr Savvides also indicated that there will be a cocktail party at the Company's offices in Pafos, where the Multilaw members participating in the Conference as well as clients of the company will attend, where they will all have the opportunity to network and to liaise with lawyers of different nationalities and from several countries.

After the cocktail party, the delegates will be taken to a local taverna in the city centre where they will be served with a traditional dinner, and which will be a closed venue exclusively for the conference participants.

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