On 11 May 2021 the Settlement of Overdue Social Contribution (Amending) Law (N.2) (N.102(I)/2021) was published in the official Gazette of the Republic.

The purpose of the amending law is to amend Article 2 of the law so that the overdue contributions subject to regulation include, in addition to the contributions payable in accordance with the Social Insurance Law, the Annual Leave with Remuneration Law, the Termination of Employment Law, the Social Cohesion Fund Law, the fee which is payable in accordance with Article 20 of the Human Resources Development Law, and the contributions payable in accordance with the General Healthcare System Law.

Furthermore, article 5 of the law is now entitled; "Submission of an application to regulate a liability" and provides the following:

1) Individuals and companies, who wish to regulate their overdue social contributions, may submit an application, in the form which the Minister will define through a notification which will be published in the official Gazette of the Republic, within four months from the date of such publication.

2) Individuals and companies who have an overdue social contribution which is not regulated on the date, which is specified by the Minister through notification, are entitled to submit an application in order to regulate their overdue social contributions.

The Law explicitly provides that the following cases may not be subject to a new regulation:

a) individuals or companies with overdue social contributions which were regulated and subsequently cancelled, and for which an objection is pending with the Minister or for which the period to submit an objection has not lapsed.

b) individuals or companies, who receive Minimum Guaranteed Income or Public Aid, and for which overdue social contributions were under regulation on the date of publication of the Minister's notification. Irrespective of the provisions of paragraph a) above, the overdue social contributions for periods of contributions which were under regulation are permitted to be included in a new regulation.

c) The regulation is applied with respect to social contributions which were overdue on the date preceding the date specified by the Minister through notification.

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